Kappa rings

The wing rings are the most famous random packing. They are mainly used in absorption systems. Anyway they suit for any mass transfer between a liquid phase and a vapour phase.

This packing is easily installed in a column.

They consist of hollow cylinders which height is equal to their diameter and which sides has got openings with some reinforcement tongues inside.

Several sizes of wing rings are manufactured by KEMPRO : 3"1/2 ; 2" ; 1"1/2 ; 1", BIO-2S.

Different types of material must be used :

- PPH, PEHD, glass reinforced PP, etc…

Operating mode

The liquid phase flows on the random packing, when the vapour phase is coming up counter-current. The surface of the packing makes the mass transfer possible between the two phases.


In a column, the packing is laying on a support grid. In addition to the function of supporting the packing, the support grid distributes the vapour.

To warrant a good efficiency a liquid distributor must be installed on the top of the packing to distribute the liquid.

A liquid re-distributor may be required when the packing height exceeds about 5 meters .

A hold down grid may be installed to prevent the packing bed to lift in case of a wrong operation.