Coalescing pack koal-pack are mainly used for the separation of water from oil. The small water droplets are fixed on the internal sheets to coalesce into bigger drops wich will fall down by gravity on the separator bottom.


Koal-Pack are made of corrugated sheets in stainless steel or plastic (PVC, PP, PVPF, etc...) and fixed together to form a structure like a honeycomb.


Field of use

Oil and gas separator, absorption tower, submerged fixed ebd, fish farm, nutrification, denitrification.



•  Internal water redistribution for a more efficient use of the surface.

•  Maximum contact surface for all different phases resulting in a very efficient separation.

•  The blocks are seff supporting

•  Support device simple, adding a low additionnal cost

• low pressure drop due to the cross configuration

• High rigidity due to the honeycomb structure