Multicyclones are used to remove the particles from a gas stream by creating a reverse flow cyclonic vortex. Multicyclones are working with the same efficiency over a wide range of flows and pressures.


Multicyclone bundle


Operation principle

The solid or liquid particles in a gas stream enter the multicyclones with more inertia than the gas molecules. By spinning the gas stream, the centrifugal strength forces the particles on the cyclone wall, the solids fall down to the cyclone bottom and the droplets gather themselves to get a sufficient size to drop by their own weight.



The 2” multicyclones are capable to stop at more than 99.5 % of both solid and liquid particles which size is above 5 µm on a range of 15% to 125% of the design flow.


Operating conditions

A main concern has to be taken into account for the gas distribution before entering inside the multicyclones bundle : a distribution space has to be foreseen in front of the multicyclones in a one stage bundle and above the multicyclones in a two stage bundle

The material most generally used is a hard cast iron which is highly resistant to the erosion of the solids. This material is also resistant to the corrosion. We also manufacture cyclones in other material on request.


Pressure drop

When flowing through the cyclones, a pressure drop occurs. It may be expressed (in mbar) as a function of the gas velocity (in m/s) and of its density r G (in kg/m 3 ). The following formula is valid only for a for a 2” cyclone bundle.