Coalescing cartridges


The mists (very small droplets in a gas stream : diameter higher than 0.1 microns) may be stopped mechanically by coalescence through a fiber glass cartridge. The cartridges also catch the solid particles of the same size of the liquid particles with the same efficiency.

KEMPRO manufactures several types of cartridges. They are in the form of a cylinder. Our standard sizes are :


Operation principle

The coalescence principle is the same one as the one taking place for the knitted mesh pads or the vane pack. According to the pitch of the glass fiber, the cartridges will collect particles smaller or larger.



The efficiency of the coalescing cartridges is expressed by the size (in mm) of the droplets caught at more than 98 % supposing the operation conditions within the recommended limits : 0.5 micron

1-Butadiene gasket

2-Inside perforated steel pipe + fiber glass linen

3-Fiber glass filter element

4-External protecting coating