Vane inlet device


The vane inlet device is an internal installed in front of a gas inlet nozzle to get a first liquid separation for slugs and large particles (down to 1 mm diameter).

The vane inlet device is installed to prevent the flooding of a downstream mesh pad or vane pack, and to prevent any harmer effect of liquid slug.



The vane inlet device is made of vanes which are more or less similar to a quarter of vertical cylinder, which are placed in front of the inlet nozzle and which are equally spaced to cover the whole surface of the inlet nozzle. They are assembled together with two horizontal trays.


Operation advantages

•  Uniform gas distribution prior to a liquid gas separation or to an absorption or distillation column.

•  L iquid hammer effect prevention.

•  Waves prevention on the gas/liquid interface.

•  Separation of the large liquid droplets (diameter higher than 1 mm ).


Erection and layout

The vane inlet device is introduced through the manhole, and is mounted on two or three support beams.