Lamellar sheets


Lamellar sheets is an internal installed in water decanters. They are designed for a better separation of the solids present in a liquid stream. The object of such an internal is to distribute the liquid stream in a lot of pipes in which the ascending velocity is small enough to let most of the solid particles to drop by their own weight on the floor of the decanter.

The inclination of these pipes is generally 60° to the liquid flow axis. The pipes are hexagonal and are made of thermally formed plastic sheets (PVC or polystyrene).

Our lamellar sheets may be used for decanting water for potable use (the pipes equivalent diameter are 38 mm or 1"1/2) or residual water (the pipes equivalent diameter are 80 mm or 3").

For the installation in a decanter we may use a skid in stainless steel or welded pack.